Kickstarter Update #6 - Production underway!

June 24, 2016

Dear Backers,  

We're excited to announce that our order is officially with the manufacturer! We still anticipate delivering the ties in September, and we'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on developments. Our factory order submission required a bit more time than we anticipated. Some of the patterns are so detailed (e.g. the periodic table theme) that they can't be physically woven into a tie. These types of detailed patterns must be either screen printed (think laser-cut stencils) or printed digitally using a specialized fabric printer (almost like an ink jet printer at your home or work). We tried developing one batch of the printed ties using a digital printer and while the pattern looked highly detailed and the colors were spot on, the fabric didn't have a lush, full body feel. So, we will now try a silk twill fabric using a screen print, which should allow for a similar level of detail, great coloring, and the highest quality feel fabric. 

We are hoping to receive fabric samples (in the industry lingo--"a strike off") of new and printed patterns in the coming weeks, and we'll be sure to send pictures through an update. We've also been busy identifying boxing options and custom pens, which has been an adventure as well. Everything should be lined up for September delivery and we're as excited as you to see the ties.  

 Thanks again for all your support! 

 --Andy & Steph

COVID-19 Update

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. As of Spring 2020, Prophets and Genius will be closing permanently as a result of the additional burdens from the health crisis. If you have any last minute inquiries, please write to us at Thank you for your interest and support!