About Us

Our Philosophy
At Prophets and Genius, we love ideas. We celebrate genius. And we see fashion as an expression of who we are. Currently, your tie collection probably includes a handful of patterns: striped, solid, floral, paisley, and maybe something funky like flip-flops or lobsters. But your ties probably don’t tell your story. What if your neckties and bow ties were a reflection of who you are? Are you a CPA, a chef, an engineer? Do you spend your free time pursuing photography, playing guitar, or running triathlons? Let your ties tell your story. Our elegant neckwear celebrates your dedication to your profession and passions.

Our Story and Inspiration
I’m Andy, an economist working in D.C. I am passionate about my work and the developing economies it assists. I am also a diehard necktie wearer. You probably haven’t shopped for an economics tie, or Googled it, but I have. It's not a pretty scene. Or what about “space ties” or “music ties?” Bleak. So, my wife, Steph, and I decided to design our own tie collection, depicting the things we care about. Founding a company that celebrates the dedicated professionals, innovators, and thought leaders we have the privilege to know has been a great joy for us. We are thrilled to share that experience with you, by providing the same opportunity to celebrate your passions and inspirations.   

Our Name
"Geniuses and prophets do not usually excel in professional learning, and their originality, if any, is often due precisely to the fact that they do not." --Joseph Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1942). 

One of the most original thinkers in economics, Joseph Schumpeter was the first economist to truly examine entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs disrupt industries to create societal gains. Much like him, we celebrate those who appreciate originality. 

Our Roots: Maryland Grown
Prophets and Genius is based in Maryland and our ties are proudly made in America. 
We design the ties in Maryland, receive computer aided design support from New Jersey, and assemble the ties in New York City. We're thrilled to work with our fellow U.S.-based businesses that offer materials of the highest quality and responsiveness to specifications.  

Our Promise: Transparency
Transparency in production - We have made every attempt to source environmentally friendly materials and utilize socially conscious production processes. We've sourced most elements of production from U.S.-based suppliers. The ties' labels were sourced from Florida. Our boxes are produced in Berkeley, California. All of our ties are handmade in New York City by a family-owned business in operation since 2003. And while we would prefer to keep fabric production close to our home base on the East Coast, our printed materials are sourced from a mill in Asia. Unfortunately, we have found that all silk manufacturers catering to the neckwear industry have moved offshore. If you know of an organization that produces tie silk Stateside, please contact us at info@prophetsandgenius.com.    

Transparency in service - When you place an order or send an inquiry, you are dealing with the business's owners. We are a two-person shop. We are excited and eager to offer any assistance we can. We simply ask for your patience as we work to offer as much attention as each inquiry deserves. 

Transparency in environmental responsibility - Please rest assured that we want to leave the planet in as good as shape as possible for current and future generations, including our own children. In addition to our environmental impact awareness in production, we utilize 100% recyclable packaging that is produced using at least 10% post-consumer recycled paper (usually closer to 50%). We also aggregate package drop-offs and pickups to limit emissions from delivery, and remain digital in our office operations to eliminate paper waste.

Policies and FAQ
Returns and Refunds Policy
Don't like your tie for some reason? No problem. Send it back in new condition within 90 days and we'll either send you a different tie, or refund your money. Just let us know what you'd prefer. Before returning any items, please contact us at returns@prophetsandgenius.com. We'll provide a shipping address at that time.

Privacy policy - Our store is protected using SSL encryption technology, which means all traffic--from browsing to purchases--is 100% encrypted. Prophets and Genius' SSL certificate is visible through our web address "https://" and the accompanying padlock icon. To further limit risk to your personal information, we only maintain your name, email address, and mailing address on record. 

Contact Us
We welcome your questions, feedback, and ideas. Please write to us at info@prophetsandgenius.com.

COVID-19 Update

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. As of Spring 2020, Prophets and Genius will be closing permanently as a result of the additional burdens from the health crisis. If you have any last minute inquiries, please write to us at info@prophetsandgenius.com. Thank you for your interest and support!