Prophets and Genius: The Thinking Man's Tie

At Prophets and Genius, we are inspired by ideas. We celebrate genius. And we see fashion as an expression of who we are. Currently, your tie collection probably includes a handful of patterns: striped, solid, floral, paisley, and maybe something funky like flip-flops or lobsters. But your ties probably don’t tell your story. What if your neckties and bow ties were a reflection of who you are? Let your ties tell your story. Our elegant neckwear celebrates your dedication to your professional and personal passions.

We were successfully funded through our KICKSTARTER campaign and were thrilled to have the support of 57 backers! Our Kickstarter campaign was the only venue to reserve one of our first nine necktie and bow tie designs. We began taking website orders on November 10th.

COVID-19 Update

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. As of Spring 2020, Prophets and Genius will be closing permanently as a result of the additional burdens from the health crisis. If you have any last minute inquiries, please write to us at info@prophetsandgenius.com. Thank you for your interest and support!