Keynes' Identity - Economics Collection

For the economist in your life, including posers. The Keynesian Identity is a mainstay of pretty much any macroeconomic policy (save the economic bastions of North Korea, Zimbabwe, and a few other standouts), and is used daily by guys in suspenders to track the economy. It is also used by us to make a very handsome tie. Wear it and enjoy flaunting your inner economist. 100% printed silk. Designed in Maryland, handcrafted in Brooklyn.

A novel proposition in 1936, Keynes' Identity defines an economy through aggregate demand. Since it is an accounting equation that must be true no matter what the value of the variables are or how they are manipulated, it is considered an "identity". Keynes' policy prescriptions were most famously applied in the Great Depression (circa 1933) and Great Recession (circa 2008). Feel free to tell this to someone before you forget so you sound smart. 

Gross Domestic Product (Y) = Consumption (C) + Investment (I) + Government Spending (G) + Net Exports (X-M)

100% woven silk. 3" blade. 58" length. 

Designed in Maryland, handcrafted in New York City.


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