Periodic Table - Science Collection

Science is cool again. Aside from giving us cool stuff like Tesla's Ludicrous Mode and beer, it even has its own channel with some seriously entertaining shows (really, check out the Science Channel!). For those that haven't really looked at periodic table since high school, it's can still wear this (and a quick heads up that the seventh row was recently completed. You can use that at a cocktail party to impress your friends). 

The periodic table represents a complex and intricate mapping of the building blocks of our universe. We used silk screen printing--which allows for increased detail but not 100% crisp alphanumerics--to exhibit each element's atomic number, atomic mass, symbol, and name. Please note that screen printed ties have a lighter feel compared to woven patterns.  

Celebrate your love of science, and more importantly the composition of matter. 

100% printed silk. 3" blade. 58" length. Designed in Maryland, handcrafted in New York City.

Mint Green