State of Maryland Bow Tie - State Collection

"Crab cakes and football...that's what Maryland does!" Okay, swimming, too. For some reason we produce more Olympic swimmers per capita than anyone else (Phelps AND Ledecky? Come on...). 

The Old Line State happens to be the home state of Prophets and Genius. Oh, and the Navy. You may have heard of them. We're kind of fanatical about Maryland blue crabs, football, sailing, the Chesapeake, and our state flag. Show your love of the all things Maryland! 

100% woven silk. 2.5" butterfly shape with 17.25" sliding adjuster.  

Designed in Maryland, handcrafted in New York City.


COVID-19 Update

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time. As of Spring 2020, Prophets and Genius will be closing permanently as a result of the additional burdens from the health crisis. If you have any last minute inquiries, please write to us at Thank you for your interest and support!